Verifying improvement

Auditing is a systematic, independent and documented process aimed at obtaining the necessary evidence and objectively evaluating a particular entity (business, product, project, process, system, organisation).

At Business Consultant, thanks to our decades of experience in auditing, we help companies to:

  • Verify the degree of compliance (in reference to a standard, a procedure or a tender) or internal positioning (compared to the criteria) that is, on behalf of the organisation to establish its own level (auto-verification);
  • Qualify a supplier in order to use it successively as a source of procurement;
  • Ascertain the effectiveness of corrective actions undertaken;
  • Materially evaluate a product, device, a job to declare the adequacy and compliance and, therefore, release it for future purposes (use, sale, etc.);
  • Achieve a rating (or ranking) in reference to an assigned numerical scale, providing precise measurement of a certain performance and triggers, thus a path in elevation of level (it is the classic method of improvement programs used by large corporations for their factories and suppliers as well as the national and international "quality awards").

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